Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Easy deploying web files to

I'm developing UI on javascript for project with Glassfish (sjsas). Application server works on local machine. It's tiring to copy changes to glassfish's web dir after editing in workcopy dir. I can edit js files in glassfish dir but several times I forgot to copy changes to workcopy dir. First I want to change docroot or alternative docroot option to my workdir copy but some reason I can't change it. After this I create symlink in web dir to workcopy dir but glassfish doesn't understand symlinks.

So I choose the most simple way by copying with cp.
cp -Ru _workcopy_/_web_files_dir_ _glassfish_domain_dir_/ 

I create shell script with this command in my home bin dir and bind to F9 functional key in vim editor.
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