Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my vim configuration

I don't like project plugin of vim. For me more convinient to use sessions. I bind F5 to save session.
nmap  :mksession! ~/eps.project
imap :mksession! ~/eps.project

And F6 to load from session.
nmap  :source ~/eps.project
imap :source ~/eps.project

F7, F8 are used for navigate previous and next tab.
nmap  gT
imap gT

nmap gt
imap gt

And coloscheme is ir_black. Really cool scheme for dark background terminal.

syntax enable
filetype indent on
filetype plugin on
set et
set sw=4
set smarttab
set fencs=utf-8
set foldmethod=marker
set autoindent
set number

set backspace=indent,eol,start

nmap :mksession! ~/eps.project
imap :mksession! ~/eps.project

nmap :source ~/eps.project
imap :source ~/eps.project

nmap gT
imap gT

nmap gt
imap gt

nmap :!upd

colorscheme ir_black
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