Monday, November 24, 2008

prompt as reminder

i have a lot wishes and always working to get them. but it's known the less aims we have the faster we reach it. i use "reminders" for more needed wishes. reminders are notes, posters, pendants, wallpapers everything i see often that remind me about that wish. more thoughts more possible ways to realize.
since i use urxvt without transparency i don't need wallpaper which was good reminder. instead of it i use prompt string.

changing prompt string in bash

i add this string to my ~/.bashrc
PS1='c2d notebook: \w> '

\w escape sequence prints current working directory.
all escape sequences you can find here

i hope i'll buy core2duo notebook this month.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

my first database scaling

after week of learning and experimenting with vary solutions of scaling database we choose to use slony-i to replicate very large and loaded tables. there were a few changes in our application, we just added one more connection (persistent unit) to EJB beans for slave replicated database.
solution was really fast to apply and inexpensive.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


All today I've tried to make work Slony-I replication.
I installed default slony1-1.2.6 from oss openSUSE repository. PostgreSQL's version is 8.3.1 also from that repository.

But slony1-1.2.6 doesn't support postgresql-8.3.1.
So I downloaded slony-1.2.15. And now everything works fine.

For slony's configuring I use pgAdmin which can't create new replication and shows "Slony-I creation scripts not available; only joining possible" message on status bar.
To solve I set "Slony-I path" to "/usr/share/postgresql" in File --> Options --> "General" tab.
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