Thursday, April 16, 2009


Harmonica was one of things I want to have. It's small and sounds cool. I associate it with Wild West and cowboys.

A month ago I saw a harmonica in music store and I said myself to buy it.

Today I purchased another one than I saw. I didn't know types, how to play on it. The thing I assess was count of  holes )). I choose Yamaha SS 220.

I found that it needs to inhale too, not only blow )). It takes half an hour to understatnd positions of note and I played simple melodies.

Found some information on web about harmonicas. Type of mine is Chromatic Single. It has two rows of holes. Upper row gives C# scale and lower gives C scale. There are 44 holes, 22 on each row.

P.S. There, in Yamaha music store, I played on electronic drums. They're sooo coool. I wish them. Drums are compact it's important for my appartment. You control a volume and also they're pluggable to headphones. Aaaaaaa!!! I want I want  I want them. With my real drums I feel discomfort when I play cause of my neighbors and thin walls. Somebody, give me 1500 dollars!

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