Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trip to Sary-Chelek.

Sary-Chelek is a lake in the south of Kyrgyzstan. Recently we had trip there. "Bishkek-Osh" highway connects the north and the south of my country. The highest point in road, ~3300 meters altitude, is Tyo-Ashuu pass. It was cold there but it's beautiful all seasons.

We had breakfast in Ala-Bel pass near Chychkan river and found nice car.

Water of Toktogul reservoir twists generators of Toktogul hydro electric station which powers all country with electricity.

After Toktogul reservoir Naryn river becomes blue-green color cause of depth.

Sary-Chelek is in ~1800 altitude. At the entrance to lake's plain there are place called Panorama.

At place.

Find the difference in pictures. :)

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Soon I'll post photos from the second trip to Sary-Chelek.
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